Personal support for expat women

Are you a woman living abroad with your family or alone and feeling a little overwhelmed? While you are probably excited about the new opportunities it offers, the change can be both exhilarating and stressful at the same time.

Bettina has been an expat for the last 4 years and knows what it is to move her family to another country. As a trailing spouse she continues to find the right balance between her partner and children and her own personal path. Bettina is a client-centered therapist with a lot of experience working with expat women living and/or working abroad.

If you are an expat woman and looking for professional support from another woman who understands your situation, contact Bettina for a free intake meeting.

Phone no : +31 6 57 707 144
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When someone really hears you

Without passing judgment on you

Without taking responsibility for you

Without trying to mold you

It feels damn good.

– Carl Rogers

Services that Bettina offers

Bettina offers therapy and coaching sessions for expat women living, studying or working abroad. During the coaching and therapy sessions you get the space and attention to explore very deeply what’s going on in your life, what you feel, what scares you and also what fulfils you.

Coaching session focus on setting and achieving goals in the present and future. Bettina support clients who may be going through a career or life transition and want to fulfil a secret dream, want to spend more time and energy on what matters to them, or even determine what their life purpose truly is. Together with you we will agree upon certain actions that will bring you closer to your best life. The expected results of coaching are that you are feeling empowered and experience a higher capability in following your way and your dreams by expanding the awareness of resources and saboteurs and moving towards your magnificent life.

The therapeutic relationship offers empathic understanding and unconditional regard for the client. Bettina offers therapeutic sessions to clients who experience suffering, such as depression, anxiety, isolation, loss or other deep emotional pain. In the therapy we are focusing on the whole person, your way of being and together we explore how you became the person you are. Therapy can help heal wounds from the past and helps you to understand your emotional pain better to be able to let go or deal differently and overcome your pain. All the therapy sessions will be in person. We will meet in Het Coachhuis on the Van Eeghenlaan 27 (Right next to the Vondelpark) in Amsterdam. The expected results of the therapy will be that you are feeling relieved and experience a higher capability in dealing with pain and problems by expanding awareness of resources and triggers and gaining a higher flexibility and “freedom” of being

  • No waiting list
  • Client-centered therapist
  • Speaks English and German
  • Available online and in person
  • Try out a sample coaching session FOR FREE (20-30 minutes).

Client reviews

As well as being supportive, Bettina has sensed from the beginning what I needed from her in order to help me reach my goal and achieve my dream. Bettina is very compassionate and understanding of who you are and she has a true gift of guiding you on how you should follow every step of your life goals. Since I have been coached by Bettina, I have come further in my project and been able to take on new challenges that keeps me moving forward in a more confident and positive approach. Bettina is truly caring for others, which makes her sensitive to your emotions, feelings and needs.

Stephanie, Amsterdam

I feel you’ve been the first coach that I really allowed myself to be myself with and that I was looking forward to share and explore with.

Rachel, London