Coaching for trailing spouses

Are you looking for a career change or are you struggling with the fact that the move means the end of your career (or both)

Are you are asking yourself, what is it what I want to do next? What are my goals in life? What truly fulfills me? As a trailing spouse and mum you may feel something is missing. You want to do something meaningful with your life, start a career or make a career change. Rediscovering the uncharted territory of what you truly want. “I am passionate about supporting you in this exciting journey and to make choices from the heart”.

Therapy for expat women with a family

Expat families are facing a lot of challenges such as leaving families and friends behind. Your partner may travel a lot, while you and the children are adjusting to a new life and school. Maybe one kid fits perfectly into this lifestyle but the other doesn’t. Not having the support network of family is making things more difficult and building new meaningful friendships and adjusting to a new culture is exhausting. You feel responsible for everyone’s happiness and you feel overwhelmed.

“I am happy to support you through challenging moments or phases in your life. I help you to understand better what is going on e.g. in your child and how to deepen the connection in your family relationships to support each other best.

Therapy for students and young women living and working abroad.

A lot of young people choose an adventurous life abroad. After the first honeymoon weeks in a new country you realize that to make your new place feel like home, you need more than meeting a lot of people and having fun. How to find and build up “your” group of real friends? How to adjust or deal with cultural differences appearing at work (when working in teams)? How to deal with anxiety of academic failure or getting stuck in the academic career? Sometimes after this first big step we find ourself feeling alone and overwhelmed. “I get you! This new freedom combined with high expectations can be frightening. To better understand where all these feelings are coming from and regaining trust in taking this steps into your new life I can offer a safe space where you can share your inner feelings”

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