Bettina’s story

I was born and raised in Austria and worked over 15 years as a health professional in Salzburg and Vienna. In 2016, we moved our family to Amsterdam for my partners work. As a mother of two teenage daughters, I know what it means to balance the fine line between providing a steady home for my children and partner and not to lose sight of myself.

Working as an psychotherapist and coach I realized a lot of expats are struggling with similar challenges. The idea came up to offer psychotherapy to expat women living and/or working in another country.

Building a new life sometimes means that you struggle with issues you may have never encountered before. It can bring feelings of loneliness or anxiety, or it can create problems in your marriage/partnership, sometimes your kids have a hard time adjusting to their new life. Having a possibility to talk about your feelings and worries with someone else can be a huge relief and support. Would you like to know more about how I work, please contact me for an intake meeting or +31 657 707 144